Rolfing Movement Integration

Rolfing Movement Integration is a system of movement education for everyday life based on Rolfing principles. Through an educational process, you are assisted in establishing a new understanding and heightened awareness of your body and its inner habit patterns.

Everyone experiences tension and stress as a result of living in our fast-paced society. Our bodies automatically react to stress by tightening up. People also develop personal habits that unconsciously create additional stress. The way we walk and sit, talk on the phone, carry our children, bend, lift, and even exercise may be working against us.

Attention is focused on basic activities such as breathing, sitting, and walking; and then expanded to the more complex movements of work, dance, sports, yoga, etc. By supplying the appropriate individualized information, gentle guidance, and focused touch, you achieve more balanced and efficient patterns of movement in your daily life, freeing up more energy and enabling you to avoid the kinds of everyday aches, pains and injuries which develop from improper use of one’s body.