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Dick Larson

Co-Owner & Founder

Dick’s interest in and study of the body and healing began early; at age eight he was doing massage on his parents and friends, and he began studying Yoga at age twelve; he taught his first Yoga class in 1972.

In 1977, Dick became certified as a Polarity Therapist as well as a Touch For Health (Applied Kinesiology) Instructor. In 1978 he graduated from the Boulder School of Massage Therapy, and in 1979 he became a certified Rolfer®.

Dick studied CranioSacral Therapy beginning in 1982 with Dr. John Upledger, and has continued through the Advanced level. Dick is an Instructor of CranioSacral Therapy.

Dick’s study of Acupuncture led to an Acupuncture License from the Montana Board of Medical Examiners in 1985, and recognition as a Diplomate in Acupuncture by the National Commission for the Certification of Acupuncturists. Continuing with his Acupuncture training, Dick entered a Doctoral Program through the University of Health Science in Hawaii, and was awarded a Ph.D. in Acupuncture in 1990.

While in Montana, Dick helped establish the Acupuncture Association of Montana, and served as Treasurer and Vice-President.

Dick has been professionally published, beginning in 1985 with his article “Physical Balancing: Acupuncture and Applied Kinesiology,” appearing in the American Journal of Acupuncture. A second article was published in 1990 in the same Journal, entitled The Role of Connective Tissue as the Physical Medium for the Conduction of Healing Energy in Acupuncture and Rolfing®. In it, Dick’s unique insights brought together his ongoing work in Rolfing and Acupuncture.

Also, Dick has produced educational videotapes in partnership with Dr. Donald Beans. They created “Physical Balancing” which is a synthesis of Acupuncture and Applied Kinesiology, and also produced “Acupuncture: Getting to the Point”, a dynamic overview intended for both general public and professional education. Both are sold worldwide.

Dick Larson of Center for Well Being

In 1991 and again in 1994 Dick led a group of students to China to study both the hands-on (Tui-Na) aspect of Chinese Medicine as well as the energetic (QiGong).

2000 began Dick’s study of Somatic Experiencing with Peter Levine’s The Foundation for Human Enrichment? Dick’s enthusiasm has lead him to not only develop a regular Somatic Experiencing practice, but also incorporate this work into the hands-on work that he does. In 2004 Dick became a certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP).

In 2002, Dick began an extended study of Prenatal and Birth Therapy with Ray Castellino, and completed his Foundation Training in 2004.

Dick is fortunate to share his office, practice, and his life with his beloved wife Avadhan.

Dick offers a free half-hour consultation: please call or text to set up an appointment.

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Certified Advanced Rolfer®

Certified Rolfing® Movement Therapist

Registered Movement Therapist (ISMETA)

Certified Homeopath (IFH)

Certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP)

Licensed Acupuncturist (Montana, Vermont, Colorado) (with a Ph.D. in Acupuncture)

Graduate of Ray Castellino’s Birth Process Training, Diplomate of Acupuncture (NCCAOM)

Upledger Certified CranioSacral Therapist (CST)

Upledger Certified CranioSacral Therapy Instructor (Upledger)

Upledger Certified Certification Examiner



Dear (Physical Therapist):

I want to thank you for referring me to Dick Larson of the Center for Well-Being.

You may remember that I was referred to you during the summer with two problems: a very sore right shoulder in which mobility was significantly impaired and a concern about my balance when standing or walking. You gave me exercises and massage for my shoulder and significant improvement was achieved. We also worked-on stretching my leg muscles and tendons, and some improvement occurred. As we were wrapping up, you suggested that I might want to try Rolfing as a means to realign my body.

I have recently finished the-1O-session Rolfing treatment with Dick Larson. I am very pleased with what resulted. Instead of my legs toeing out when I walk or stand, I now can walk naturally straight ahead. My balance is much improved. My shoulders now are lower and set further back rather than being rounded and tight. My whole system is less tense and much looser. Dick says that further improvement is likely over the next six months as my body settles into its new alignment. I should also say that Dick was very good to work with throughout this process.

So I am very appreciative of your steering me to Rolfing (of which I had never heard). I am sending copies of this letter to physicians familiar with my original concerns so that they too will be aware of this technique.

Best wishes for the holiday season.


At our first meeting, you asked me what I hoped to gain from this work. My response to you was: “A new body”. The ten-week process of unfolding that followed that initial meeting was life changing. Each week, my husband would find me standing – in the hallway, in the driveway, in the kitchen – smiling to myself and exclaiming, “I feel amazing. My body feels so at ease. My muscles are relaxed. Look what I can do, without effort!”

In addition to the welcome ease that I felt in my body, I gained valuable insight into the patterns in which my mind and body have traditionally worked together. Having a regular opportunity to reflect on the habitual ways in which I have reacted to and engaged with life has helped me to choose less taxing ways of approaching situations. At the beginning of our work together I had told you that I was afraid that I would be a “wuss”. Old information that I had been given about Rolfing had led me to believe that it would be an incredibly painful experience. You chuckled and said that I would be fine, and that I would direct the sessions. If there was pain, we would stop and find another approach.

While there were some “intense” moments, there was nothing in my experience that I would describe as painful. Thank you Dick, for your compassionate approach, your gentle style, and your extensive experience. Through our work together, I feel that I have gained, not only the new body that I wanted, but also additional resources for self awareness and care. I look forward to working with you more in the future, to build on the incredible foundation that was created in our initial work together.

This is a testimonial for me for CST after she had an auto accident and concussion and was treated once:

Dear Dick,

I deliberately waited till the end of the day to email back so I could have a better report of the day.

My roommate saw such a quietness in me yesterday that she thought I was mad at her. Ha 🙂

I could tell my mind and body are desperate for healing. I found my description of the calmness was feeling like a "quietness in infancy". I'm not sure where in the world that came from but I want to stay there.

I left your office noticing simpler things in life like "stopping to smell the roses" but also seeing them for the first time.

It sort of felt like the center of my being was focused and quieted.

My roommate says she notices, and I do too, that I'm not able to tolerate more than one noise at a time or one person talking at a time...one thought at a time spoken to me and even visual noise is very difficult, to the point that where she and my son removed everything off the walls in the bedroom and covered a full wall shelf with a sheet before I went to bed.

This was the first time after the accident with sleeping in that room.

I still didn't sleep well. I woke with a lot of back pain, burning behind my knees. I have been very nauseous since the accident between concussion and ribs. I had more hip pain also but first time in a soft mattress since accident. It seemed I could feel more of my injuries in bed than in recliner.

BUT! I was more balanced, enough to get into the tub for the first time.

I walked with the walker for the first time by myself outside and decided that if I fell I would just call 911. Roommate discovered my escape plan and found me sitting in walker taking a break.:)

I lasted longer and began having more energy for about an hour this afternoon.

My trauma has decreased. My reactions in traffic were probably more appropriate, especially being a passenger. Instead of me ducking, screaming and hyperventilating from 0 to an immediate 10, I didn't seem to remember what the fear was like.

I have a tremendous sense of not belonging anywhere. I'm not sure where that comes from.

I can't thank you enough for caring and helping me to begin healing.