How Rolfing Helped Teenage Scoliosis

Over the years I have assisted clients overcome pain, but it is stories like this that further instill my drive to continue what I love. Below is a testimonials we received showcasing how Rolfing can help all ages. – Dick Larson

In 2007, our twelve-year-old son Peter was diagnosed with scoliosis. At the time his degree of curvature was not severe enough to warrant bracing or surgery. With many years of growth ahead of him, his orthopedic doctor advised us that his condition could deteriorate to the point were bracing or surgery may become necessary.  The conventional treatment plan for his degree of scoliosis was to “wait and see” if it progressed.

Wanting to take a more active approach in managing Peter’s scoliosis, we contacted Dick for a series of Rolfing sessions. Peter started Rolfing with an initial series of sessions and continues to be seen periodically when he is experiencing periods of rapid growth. Over the past three years, Peter has grown approximately 8 inches while his degree of curvature has diminished. His scoliosis has stabilized to a point where his orthopedic doctor at Shriner’s Hospital has discharged him.

Peter enjoys his Rolfing sessions and finds Dick to be a compassionate caregiver.  We believe that Rolfing has had a positive impact on our son and his condition. We are very grateful that we took the time and energy to pursue Rolfing with Dick Larson.