Oriental Diagnosis and Therapeutics

“Healing pain and restoring health”

Surprisingly, the most effective new development in American Health Care is several thousand years old.

Do you suffer from pain, headaches, stress, anxiety, depression, arthritis, and menstrual disorders? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Have you gone to all the doctors and specialists, and they can find nothing wrong? Are you ready to reclaim your body and your health?

Acupuncture treatments may relieve your symptoms, revive your energy, and restore the natural state of balance of your mind, body, and spirit.

acupuncture needle

When most people hear the word “needle” as in an acupuncture needle, the only needle they have experienced was a hypodermic needle, through which they got a “shot”.
Acupuncture needles are incredibly thin – maybe the size of a hair – and so this image is of 20 acupuncture needles inside the opening of a hypodermic needle.


Acupuncture is a complete medical system that is used to diagnose and treat illness, prevent disease and improve well-being. Acupuncture treats by helping to regulate and focus the body’s own natural healing energies. Thus the body is encouraged to heal itself, and then to maintain this higher degree of order (health). Acupuncture originated in Asia more than 4,000 years ago and, due to its’ proven effectiveness, has been embraced throughout the world.


Recently, science has established that human beings are complex bioelectric systems. This understanding has been the foundation of acupuncture practice for several thousand years.

The bioelectric energy – referred to as Qi (pronounced “chee”) by the Chinese –  circulates throughout the body along well-defined pathways. Points on the skin along these pathways are energetically connected to specific organs, body structures, and systems. If this energy circulation is disrupted, optimum function is affected and this results in pain or illness. Acupuncture points are stimulated to balance the circulation of energy, which influences the health of the whole body.

Acupuncture affects the entire body through its many physiologic processes. The immune system, nerve supply, blood circulation, respiration, lymph and endocrine systems and more are all stimulated to aid the body in doing what it does best – heal itself. More than simple pain relief, Acupuncture facilitates healing by strengthening overall function rather than by a nerve-blocking or narcotic effect. Physiological balance is restored, and normal functioning resumes. Unlike other forms of treatment, Acupuncture has no  harmful side effects.


Since Acupuncture promotes the body’s natural healing ability, most conditions can be corrected or improved. Also, Acupuncture is a comprehensive system of preventive health care and health maintenance. The effectiveness of Acupuncture is well documented and extends far beyond the conception that it is only useful for chronic pain management or as an analgesic. Many athletes have discovered that Acupuncture treatment helps them to achieve optimum performance levels. Recently, Acupuncture detoxification treatments have been recognized as an effective form of therapy for chemical dependency problems. Throughout its long history, Acupuncture has established a solid reputation as a system of health care that works.


Treatment with Acupuncture needles is the most commonly used technique. However, Acupuncturists may use other forms of treatment such as cupping, and a variety of massage and specific therapeutic exercises. They may also suggest dietary modifications and herbal preparations.


Since each person is unique, the number of treatments required will vary. A full series may take anywhere from two to four (for acute problems, or for colds or flu), to sometimes as many a dozen or more for long-standing problems. Among the determining factors are the type and severity of the condition, whether the condition is chronic or acute, and the vitality of the individual. The sooner Acupuncture treatment begins after onset of a health problem, the more rapidly you will respond. Everyone has his or her own unique history and lifestyle, and must be treated individually. Please discuss your treatment program with Dr. Larson.


Over the centuries, refined needle insertion techniques have been developed which enable the skilled Acupuncturist to place a needle with little or no sensation. Acupuncture needles are very fine, about the size of a hair. They are solid and nothing is injected through them. Clients are relieved to discover that Acupuncture is not painful.

Once the needles are in place, different sensations such as warmth, tingling, or heaviness may be felt, but the energetic sensation differs from pain.  People often comment that the feeling is unfamiliar but pleasant and relaxing.

After the needles are inserted, the individual rests for five to thirty or more minutes, depending on the condition being treated. Afterwards, one often feels calm and relaxed, a sense of well being quite separate from the degree of pain relief.  Enjoy this mild euphoria – it’s harmless.


Dr. Larson uses only pre-sterilized, disposable needles, inspected and approved by the FDA. After using them one time they are safely discarded.


The American Medical Association has no official position on Acupuncture – and so the views of individual doctors depend on how well informed they are about this system of healing. AMA medicine doesn’t work in every case (neither does Acupuncture). An increasing number of local physicians refer patients to Acupuncture; indeed, some come in themselves for treatments. As time passes, and doctors and other health care providers continue to learn about Acupuncture and its effectiveness, it will be recognized and chosen as a primary form of health care.


“The inferior physician treats diseases, the superior physician teaches the well to remain well.”
-The Nei Ching (ancient Chinese Medical Text)

Today’s contemporary lifestyle presents a challenge to each of us to maintain physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual well-being. Our overall health is affected by many factors. The traditional Oriental and contemporary holistic medical views on health deal not only with what the doctor can do, but what the patient can do to heal and prevent disease.

In addition to treating both acute and chronic disorders, Acupuncture can be used to help create and maintain an optimal state of well-being. This “tuning-up” of the body’s energies enables one to better respond to life and its stresses, providing the basis for a healthy and vigorous life. This concept of working with the individual to encourage and maintain the highest level of health, commonly known as Preventive Medicine, is true “health care”; as contrasted with the more typical “sickness care” practiced in our country. Clients are treated on an individual basis, brought into a state of balance and vitality, and then return seasonally to “re-tune” and acclimate to the coming shifts in activity, lifestyle, and weather that accompanies each of the distinct seasons.

Your most valuable asset is Good Health.

Invest in it Wisely.  Consider Acupuncture.

It’s not amazing that acupuncture works – what is amazing is how well it works.