At the Center for Well Being, LLC,  our intention is to support you in your healing process. We believe that within you resides a powerful healing force that, once channeled and supported, can heal you of your pain, trauma, or illness; whether that illness be physical, emotional or spiritual. The therapies we offer include CranioSacral Therapy, Rolfing, Acupuncture, Somatic Experiencing and Perinatal Trauma Therapy, all have as their nucleus this deep faith and reliance on your own inherent self healing energies. These energies can be understood in many ways and called by many names: Inner Wisdom, the power of God, Life Force, Spirit, Chi and many more. Whatever you understand this power to be, it exists and it functions, from our conception to our death, and beyond. It lives us and breathes us.

When all is going well for you, these forces are operating harmoniously, unimpeded, and you heal as you live: injuries get better, traumas resolve and emotions release and change. You grow, personally and spiritually.

Sometimes, however, blockages occur which can disturb or prevent the full functioning of your innate healing power; those blockages may take the form of physical restrictions and patterns, emotional or spiritual fixations or even mistaken ideas.

Our work as clinicians is to help you to identify and resolve these impediments to your healing, and then to support this innate power of yours to do what it is meant to do, so that you can live your life fully and in freedom.

It is our deepest pleasure to do so.

We are located in Colorado Springs, Colorado.