I have recently finished the 10 session Rolfing treatment with Dick Larson. I am very pleased with what resulted. Instead of my legs toeing out when I walk or stand, I now can walk naturally straight ahead. My balance is much improved. My shoulders now are lower and set further back rather than being rounded and right. My whole system is less tense and much looser.  S.P.

Rolfing with the ten session series proved to be a most remarkable transforming bodywork for myself, especially being a massage therapist. I highly recommend the Rolfing treatment.Chronic pain patterns I had for years disappeared.Rolfing with Dick Larson is a foundation for life. It changed my life.  R.L.

In our work together, I have experienced Dick as a sensitive and intuitive practitioner. He remains present (in his attention) and holds a safe space for his clients throughout each session, based on my own and others individual experience.He has a peaceful presence that enables me to feel comfortable and safe, and helps me come to a better understanding of myself through our work.In all, it has been a powerful, life-transforming journey for me . . . .  S.K.

I must extend my sincere gratitude for your talent and skills. Your insights and helpful hints on sitting, standing, body awareness, etc. were as helpful as the actual Rolfing, or maybe even more so.I also said I knew you were the person to trust! …. I was right.  E.C.