Perinatal Trauma Therapy

The field of Pre and Perinatal Psychology and Therapy has arisen from research showing that babies during gestation, and during and after birth, have feelings and emotions, understand language and intention, and form lasting memories of their experiences. These memories are not explicit, conscious ones, easily recalled and later verbalized, but rather implicit and non-conscious, held somatically and non-verbally. These kinds of powerful memories, so consciously inaccessible, tend to determine our responses to ourselves and our world, in childhood and in adulthood. Evidence confirms that many health issues – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual; are linked to prenatal and birth experiences and parent-infant bonding (attachment). How one deals with stress and trauma is also laid down in these formative times. Since these early experiences happen when we are preverbal, much of the work that needs to be done to address them has to be done somatically.

Ray Castellino is among the pioneers in this field of therapy. He has developed somatic and powerful, but gentle and non-traumatizing ways of accessing this very early material, and then facilitating its renegotiation and resolution. The transformation that can occur with this level of work is something that needs to be experienced to be believed.

We weave this work, as needed throughout our Somatic Experiencing therapy and also our CranioSacral and Rolfing work.

Dick and Avadhan both assist Birth Process Workshops and will be assisting in a new Birth Process Foundation Training beginning here in Massachusetts in February of 2007, taught by Myrna Martin, a deeply skilled therapist and trainer who has studied and worked for many years with both Ray Castellino and William Emerson. For more information about this training, and for schedules of upcoming 4-day Birth Process Workshops visit Myrna Martin’s Training page on her website.